Important Information


By contracting with insurance companies, Sunshine Valley Pediatrics has agreed to file insurance claims for patients who participate in these plans. In order to do so, we must see your child's insurance card (current at the time of the appointment) and parent/guardian photo ID at each visit. If you do not have the necessary information and we are unable to verify your coverage, we must ask for payment at the time of visit.

We collect all co-payments at the time services are rendered and file insurance claims on a daily basis. A monthly statement will be sent to you detailing unpaid charges. If you have questions regarding items which have not been paid by your insurance, we ask that you contact your insurance company or employer, as benefit packages vary by employer.

Methods of Payment

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and debit cards. It is the parent's responsibility to know the details of their insurance plan, its benefits and the amount of the co-payment.