New Patient Information

Sick Visits and Well Child Checks

Sunshine Valley Pediatrics is currently accepting new patients. Whether your first visit is for a new baby or you are bringing your older children to our practice, please take the time to fill out our new patient forms located in our forms and policies section. Records release forms along with all necessary forms for your visit can be obtained on our Office Forms page.

If you feel that your child has a significant medical condition such as headaches, etc., please make an appointment right away! Do not wait until a routine well check visit, as delay may put your child’s health at risk. Some insurance companies may not cover diagnostics and/or treatment of medical condition during routine medical exams.

Complicated/Extended Visits for Chronic Issues

If your child is new to our practice and you are calling to schedule an appointment to discuss asthma, ADD/ADHD or other chronic condition, it would be very helpful to us if, prior to coming in for the appointment, you could fill out a records release form to have your child’s medical records sent to us.Once our office receives the records, one of our physicians can review then and become familiar with your child in advance of your appointment. Records release forms can be obtained on our Office Forms page.

Please contact your prior doctor’s office a couple of days in advance of your appointment to ensure your medical records have been released and sent to our office.

New Vaccination Policy

Our practice strongly believes in administering childhood vaccination for disease prevention. In support of our beliefs and for the health and well-being of our patient population, we are not accepting new patients to the practice who do not comply with the minimum recommended vaccines: DTap, HiB and Prevnar 13 by the age of 1 and MMR by the age of 2.

Medical Records

If your child is new to our practice and you are calling to schedule an appointment for a routine visit, we may not need complete medical records prior to the appointment. However, it would be very helpful to have your child’s growth chart and immunization records, if possible, at the first visit. For complicated/extended visits, please see below.

Confirmation Calls

As a courtesy, our office often will call the day before your child’s appointment to remind you of the next day’s appointment. We ask that you please inform us, whenever possible, 24 hours (and at the latest, two hours) in advance of not being able to keep an appointment. This enables us to offer your canceled appointment to another patient who might be in need of it. In addition, other than at Walk-in time, it is expected that patients will call for an appointment before coming to the office, unless your child’s health concern is urgent.

Appointments Not Kept

Failure to notify us in advance (24 hours) of your inability to keep an appointment will result in a charge for the missed visit.